Possible Shortcomings of Self Driving Cars

Possible Shortcomings of Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are the future and they are fast gaining acceptance. Well, who wouldn’t want to relax while the car is driving itself? Automakers, as well as universities around the world, are working to make this a reality.

This could reduce human error and many accidents could be avoided. Economically, the cars are perfect and also they will save energy by maximizing driving efficiency.

While these cars have so many advantages, they also have disadvantages too. Here are the possible disadvantages.


If cars start driving themselves then all the people who are employed as drivers will lose their jobs. Drivers are classified as low-skilled workers so it will be difficult for them to get other jobs. Millions are employed in the transport sector. Some people will end up opting online for real money to make a living.

Hackers May Take Over Vehicles

Because the cars are controlled by a computer, hackers may successfully take over the car. The risk of driverless cars being used as weapons is a possibility and should never be ruled out. Self-driving car manufacturers are however trying to identify all the software loopholes in order to make sure that the cars are safe.

The Car Industry May Be The Thing of the Past

Currently, the automobile industry generates billions and has a lot of employees. If people stop buying personal cars the industry could collapse. Some old automobile companies have not adapted to new technology hence they will be a thing of the past.

The Car Insurance Industry

If self-driving cars are introduced, the risk of accidents will be greatly reduced meaning the car insurance industry will not make money. The businesses may become a thing of the past.

Car Sickness

A recent study has revealed that passengers of driverless cars experience motion sickness.


Although Self-driving cars are the future, they have their disadvantages as well as advantages. There is a need for traditional automobile businesses to prepare for the possibility of self-driving cars. Insurance companies also need to adapt to this new car technology and find ways to stay relevant.