What Is The Best Type Of Window Film For Privacy?

What Is The Best Type Of Window Film For Privacy?

Windows indeed protect us from intrusion and so many annoying things, such as bugs, windstorms, and rain or frost. But there is more to it – Privacy. While most people enjoy observing the outside life from the edge of their windows, some do not like if strangers or passersby stare at them. That is where window films come into the picture.

Installation of window films does not require professional help. You can do it using static cling or adhesive. So, if you are the one for whom privacy is the topmost priority but want to make their windows look appealing, this article will help you find the best type of window film.

Opaque, Blackout, and Whiteout Window Films

Multiple window films are available, depending on the level of privacy one wants to maintain. Translucent or opaque window film gives total privacy. Its frosted appearance blocks the view from in and out while allowing the light to pass through.

Blackout window film is the best choice for interior windows. Besides obscuring the view from either side, these films prevent light from traveling across them.

You can consider using whiteout window film for exterior windows. Its main advantage is that it blocks the view into the window temporarily.

One Way or Mirror Window Films

As the name implies, the one-way window film has a mirror-like appearance. Though it gives the illusion of being transparent, viewing is completely blocked from the outside. Call it an advantage or disadvantage – the functioning of mirror window films depends on the outside light. Outsiders can see through it if the light is bright outside, like in the daytime but will be unable to pry in when the lights are dim, like in the nighttime.

Solar Control Window Films

Nothing could be better than installing a window film that not only solves your privacy issue but keeps harmful UV rays away from you. Its benefit is that only the sunlight, not the heat, can penetrate it that saves on your energy bills. While on the downside, outsiders can have a view of the inside if there is enough light.

Decorative Window Films

Other than adding total privacy, decorative window films can make windows attractive. You will be spoilt for the choice in thousands of colors, patterns, and designs of decorative window films. While this makes decorative window films costly, features like customization, easy removal, and reusability make them worth installing.

Simply put, understanding your specific needs and window type is the first step toward installing the window film. Now that you know different types of window films, such as opaque window film, you can make the right choice about picking the best window film.