2020’s Biggest Food Trends

2020’s Biggest Food Trends

We thought we’d seen it all before, unicorn frappuccinos, croissant and doughnut hybrids, fermented vegetables, fermented drinks, fermented everything, really. Food trends that have taken the world by storm in previous years have certainly not left us disappointed. 2020 is not different. Let’s take a look at this year’s food trends and reminisce about how we first had to wait to get the perfect shot for Instagram, no matter how hungry we may have been.

Candy charcuterie

The direct translation of the word “charcuterie” means “cold cooked meats collectively.” However, that has not stopped foodies, and Instagram creatives around the world from experimenting. Using the word charcuterie rather loosely, candy charcuterie boards have been painstakingly arranged in a sea of colors, or sometimes even varying shades of the same color.

These candy boards are particularly trendy when pegged to a holiday, such as Easter, New Years’ Day, and Independence Day. While candy has been the most popular feature of all the other snacks, we’ve also seen blueberries, strawberries, and cantaloupe make guest appearances on many an Instagram-worthy post, so feel free to use any of your favorite foods should you give in to this trend.

Ghost kitchens

Essentially, a ghost kitchen is a place in which restaurants strip any in-house dining options and replace them with large commercial spaces that can churn out more food. In keeping with this year’s social distancing measures, ghost kitchens allow for only pick-up or delivery options. You can think of them as virtual options, only with real food.

This trend actually started towards the end of 2019, with chains such as Starbucks and Chick-fil-A creating pick-up or delivery only locations. However, ghost kitchens became increasingly popular throughout the year as strict lockdowns, curfews, and limits to the number of people allowed in a public place were implemented.


Gnocchi has always been a firm favorite on menus at Italian restaurants. Soft little pillows of potato goodness drenched in cheese, tomato, or meat-based sauces, there is very little that is not delicious about gnocchi. Because of this, big grocery chains like Trader Joe’s have been experimenting with unconventional gnocchi variants.

These range from healthier options, such as kale and peas blended into the traditional potato recipe, all the way to completely unhealthy options, such as chocolate-filled gnocchi. Another big trend is deep-frying gnocchi so that instead of the traditional soft bites, you can enjoy crispy, crunchy little gnocchi bites that are easy to snack on while playing great games online.


For years already, veganism has been quite polarizing. Some vegans have pledged to stop supporting the meat and animal by-product industries because of their dedication to a more sustainable lifestyle that will not negatively affect the environment, while others have pledged to be vegan for reasons relating to the rights of animals.

However, 2020 has seen a rise in what is now known as “flexitarianism.” For the most part, flexitarians live a meat-free life but sometimes eat meat, eggs, and dairy products. For example, some flexitarians will only order a steak if they are dining at a restaurant but will never purchase meat to cook and eat at home. This movement has also given rise to concepts such as Meat-free Mondays.