How to spice up your home decoration with 3 simple steps

How to spice up your home decoration with 3 simple steps

Sometimes, in order to make a change in your life, you need a change in your environment. That can mean many things: finding a new job or a new hobby, cutting out toxic people in your life, going on vacation. These are major changes, but sometimes a small change is all it takes to bring new color into a monotonous life. Adding some new elements to your home interior is a pretty good place to start. After all, you spend a good portion of your time at home, so it is important to make the atmosphere as comfortable, relaxing, and refreshing as possible. Luckily, you can do that with a few simple tricks.

Cover imperfections

First and foremost, you have to deal with all the visible imperfections. Repair anything that needs repairing. Cover stains on the walls with paint. Hang a portrait, a painting, a beautiful piece of fabric, or a mirror over a crack on the wall. You can even try to create a gallery wall with family photos, abstract art, embroidery, or whatever else you like. This will transform an old wall into the focal point of the room. If you have an old but cozy couch that has stains that won’t go away or some scratches, don’t just throw it away. You can give it a new life with the help of a blanket. It works better than you think, especially if you choose an interesting color and pattern. The old and unattractive couch can be transformed into a vibrant and cozy couch. For maximum comfort, you should try a wool blanket. If you are a bit sensitive to wool, you need an extra soft one, for example, Merino wool. The Irish merino wool is the finest one you can find, so you can find various Irish blankets online here. Irish merino wool blankets will easily spice up your design while keeping warm and being super soft.

Add fragrance and brightness

Another sure way to spice up your interior is to add candles. You can use votive candles to bring more light and brightness into a room. You can also try decorative candles to add some nice accents to a room. They come in different colors, sizes, and designs, so you can choose something really eye-catching. To make the dining experience fancier and more atmospheric, you can also put a chandelier on the dining table and add some nice scentless and smokeless candles to it. But if you’re into aromatherapy, try aromatic candles. Those made from essential oils are also good for your health.

Add refreshing house plants

If you want the atmosphere in a room to be more lively and inviting, try adding more house plants. If you want to enhance a certain aspect of the room, house plants might work very well. For example, you can place them near wood to create a more naturalistic effect. You can also place them near rough surfaces and edges to make them look softer. If you want to really spice things up, try some exotic house plants. Whether it’s something with unusually patterned leaves or vibrant flowers, it would surely make for an eye-catching effect.