The queen’s food shopping experience

The queen’s food shopping experience

The Royal Family is an institution, and whether you’re a royalist or a republican, there’s no denying that they have done an awful lot for the country. The current royals are working hard to show that they’re not that different from you and me, and certainly, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are breaking a lot of rules with their relationship.

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Still, it’s hard to imagine the Queen pushing a trolley around Tesco. So where does she get her groceries? She has her favorites, like the rest of us, and once a company has supplied the royal household for five years or more, it is eligible for the Royal Warrant register.


We also wonder how would the queen get to her favorite food store because taking the local bus probably wouldn’t happen. We are pretty sure that the Queen would have an entourage of security with her with police cars, horses and maybe even a tank. (That would be fun to see).  The drivers may have taken there Tank Driving training or even just had a practice at sites including

Special stamp of approval

The Royal Warrant gives the brand the right to bear the special coat of arms on its packaging, showing to the world that it has the Queen’s approval. Brands currently holding the Royal Warrant include Laphroaig whiskey, Twinings tea, and Maldon Salt.

It’s not just British companies that can earn the warrant. Tabasco sauce has one, as do nine different champagnes, and two authentic Portuguese Ports. Perhaps that still sets her apart from the rest of us! Sustainability and provenance are important though, so a company seeking to supply the monarchy must be able to demonstrate their policies and values.

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London stores

The iconic retailer Fortnum & Mason supplies the royal household with various items, and they also source Gordon’s gin and Prestat chocolates locally.

If you’re keen to visit some shops in person, Visit London has a list of stores in London that hold the Royal Warrant.

That doesn’t mean that you’re likely to see the Queen at a serve over food display any time soon. She’s been making the most of delivery services for a long time. Storage in the royal residences though will be top notch. If you need cold storage to rival the best, look at various options, from specialist retailers.

It is possible to lose a warrant – between 20 and 40 businesses do every year – and around the same number are added. Whether it helps or not is not proven, although many people would assume that only the very best food graces the Queen’s table, so the products she uses must be good.