How to Start Weight Training for Beginners

How to Start Weight Training for Beginners

What is strength training? It is a form of training whereby you increase your muscular strength and build muscle mass. Like normal exercises, strength training also varies according to fitness levels. For example, a beginner cannot be able to lift heavy weights or have the same workout techniques compared to that of an advanced trainer.

Strength training has some amazing benefits to your health. Firstly, if you are interested in increasing your muscle mass and tone your body, you will immensely benefit from strength training, secondly, it strengthens your bone density which helps to prevent fractures and lastly, strength training burns fat because it accelerates the burning of calories. Below is an ultimate beginner’s guide to assist you in easing into strength training.

Remember to Stretch Before and After Every Workout

People may think that stretching is an inconvenience in their workout routine and an unnecessary step that can be easily skipped, however, stretching plays a significant part in preparing our bodies for the training that will follow or that has ended. Prior to any workout and post-workout, it is vital to stretch in order to prevent injuries, strains, and pains and allow your muscles to properly relax. Next time before rushing into your training, make certain to equally warm-up and cool down.

Start with Your Own Bodyweight

With any weight training, it is highly recommended to start practicing using your own body weight because this will reduce the risks of unfortunate injuries. Using your body weight will assist you in mastering the proper techniques such as your body posture as well as managing to understand how your body ought to move. For example, before you attempt to do a deadlift with your weights, you need to first master a squat correctly. Once you nail down the form, strength training will be even more effective, and the results will be clearly visible.

Purchase Some Equipment

You have mastered strength training by practicing some bodyweight workouts, now you are ready to take it up a notch by purchasing some equipment. It’s important to choose weights that you will be able to carry and properly utilize, meaning that you shouldn’t choose weights that are too heavy or too light. Like games of online Bingo Canada, they must be just right.

Too weighty weights could lead to serious injuries because your body is not accustomed to this mass and too light weights will not be able to thoroughly challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone. Some popular weights you can purchase are dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells.

Take Rest Days

Training for 7 days a week might seem impossible, but it is indeed possible, and many people are capable of doing it. This consistency requires extreme discipline and motivation. You will eventually get to this stage if you put your mind to hit, however as a beginner, you need to take baby steps and ease into the strength training routine. This means that it is recommended to take breaks in-between your training days when you feel tired or when you experience some muscle stiffness and soreness. Recovery days are crucial in strength training because you have to give your muscle fibers an opportunity to repair and rebuild.