Four ways to store things in your garage

Four ways to store things in your garage

Getting the work/life balance right is hard – sometimes it is difficult keeping the main part of your house organised, so the garage gets ignored. Is your garage looking a little neglected? Before you get started on storage, the first thing that you need to do is declutter, recycle, and throw out. Could that vinyl collection be traded in for cash? Once you have done your initial clearout, here are four ways to store things in your garage that will have a transformational impact on your life.

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Clear the decks with wall hangings

Getting as much stuff off the floor and onto the walls will not only make your garage look better, it will make you ‘feel’ better, as you will be able to move around more freely without constantly tripping up. The great thing is that with the right wall storage then just about anything, including spades, ladders, bicycles and hoses can be hung.

Transform your garage into a workspace.

Are you a DIY fanatic? Do you work in the trades? If this sounds like you, then a pegboard may be just the thing you need. Pegboards can be purchased as a kit, and as with garage shelving UK suppliers can provide exactly what you need.

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Horizontal shelves

These traditional shelving systems are not only great for inside the house, they also work a treat in garages too. The fantastic thing about this garage shelving UK option is that it is incredibly economical, and there is an abundance of options from which to choose. They can also be positioned at different heights so that you can accommodate items of different shapes, sizes and weights – and make the whole garage look aesthetically pleasing. Why not visit garage shelving UK site?

Consider getting different lengths and types to maximise your options and ensure that you use as much space as possible.

Vertical shelves

As with horizontal shelving, there is an abundance of options when choosing vertical shelves. Examples include:

– plastic shelving
– wire shelving
– metal shelving

If you are planning on using them to house heavy items, it is important that you buy the ones with sway or cross bracing to ensure that they are secure.

Once you start to sort your garage, you will most likely not want to stop.