Four ways to style a sweatshirt

Four ways to style a sweatshirt

The humble sweatshirt is a staple item in any modern wardrobe and there are endless ways to style it. Whether worn with shorts, sweatpants or chinos, a sweatshirt has limitless matching possibilities and each gives an outfit a unique look.

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In a world of fast fashion and fads, the sweatshirt’s remarkable staying power is down to one of its key features: its versatility. It is extremely practical and easy to wear, so can be matched with almost anything. That being said, there are some pairings that are so good they are worth singling out. Check out the suggestions below on how to incorporate a sweatshirt into your outfit to make sure you stay fresh and on-trend.

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Black jeans

Pairing a sweatshirt with a pair of simple skinny black jeans is one of the easiest and most effective ways of elevating an outfit. Keep things casual with a pair of navy blue or neutral trainers to finish the look. This look is extremely on-trend but also timeless.


Athleisure wear is very on-trend right now and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Matching a statement sweatshirt with a slim-fit pair of sweatpants is a great choice for when you want to keep things cool and casual. This look works particularly well with a pair of white low-rise trainers.


Chinos in natural, earthy tones are a fantastic choice to pair with a sweatshirt to give your outfit a relaxed holiday feel. Match these with a classic sweatshirt, such as a Farah sweatshirt from a stockist such as, to keep things elegant and chic. Go for a rich olive or sand color with the chinos and opt for a pair of complementary desert boots to complete the look.

Floral shorts

This might seem a little out there but trust us – combing floral shorts with a sweatshirt works and looks great. This look says that you are fashion-forward without being too outlandish. Opt for a low-key floral print on the shorts, perhaps in varying tones of blue, to keep things simple and stylish. Choosing a sweatshirt that complements the colour and pattern of the shorts is key here, so select wisely. If you really want to make the outfit pop, pair with some brightly-colored trainers.