Holiday hair must have essentials

Holiday hair must have essentials

You want your hair to be your crowning glory on your summer holiday, to help you enhance the selection of Maxi Dresses that you have purchased especially for your holiday from places such as  Your hair can, however, fall foul of the heat, sun, sand and salt water. Fortunately, there are plenty of products out there to protect your hair from damage and keep the frizz at bay, leaving you to relax and enjoy your holiday.

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Foam Spray Blow Dry

This is a combination of a spray and a mousse that can help fine hair to look thicker, making you look as though you’ve just stepped off the beach in a catalog photo shoot.

Wet Brush Pastels

A good brush is essential to prevent breakages, and these are some of the best detanglers for fragile hair.

You can also find products that can help blonde hair look bright and keep orange or green tones away, even after days spent swimming in the sea or pool.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be really useful on holiday, and this one has the added benefit of UV protection. The importance of protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays is explained on the NHS website at

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Stimulating Shampoo

These shampoos are gentle enough to ensure it won’t do further damage to hair affected by summer conditions. They also contain ingredients to stimulate cell renewal and encourage hair growth, making them perfect for turning the tide on hair breakages and loss.

Knotted Hair Ties

Tying your hair back is a must when on the beach, but you need to choose gentle ties like these that won’t break your hair.

Moisturising Detangler Spray

Spritz this on when you get out of the pool to make your brush slide through your locks and protect the ends from the sun’s drying effects. This helps ensure that you won’t run into trouble when it’s time to style it for a night out.

Hair Perfector

You should never go on holiday without some good leave-in treatments, and this hair healer is a must. Apply it in the morning, tie your hair in a bun, and then head off for a snooze in the sun. When it’s time to take it down, your hair will be softer and smoother and have a delicious almond and rose aroma.