This Year’s Must-Have Gadgets

This Year’s Must-Have Gadgets

Some technology helps human beings explore other planets and the far reaches of space. Another tech, like some of this year’s must-have gadgets, help make life easier in all sorts of ways.

Little of what is presented below can be referred to as groundbreaking, and many items are more of a novelty. However, they all have the potential to make a noticeable difference in people’s lives.

FIXD – A Mini Mechanic

A nifty little gadget that works on cars built after 1996, FIXD is a mini mechanic that you can plug into your vehicle’s diagnostics port. The smart OBD2 scanner will interpret the engine light code into terms that actually make sense.

The app also provides maintenance reminders, and it offers detailed explanations of various vehicle issues. You can use multiple sensors for multiple vehicles and have those sensors feed the information into one central account.

Mosquitotron – A Mosquito Trap

There are several ways to deal with mosquitoes. Some people chase them in a futile attempt at swatting them with a rolled-up magazine, while others use electronic, chemical-based repellents. Yet others prefer cloying citronella oil-based products, and some even turn to electronic bug-zappers.

The Mosquitotron is not an insect-version of the electric chair, nor does it rely on smelly repellents or chemicals. Instead, it works with a UV light that attracts mosquitoes, which are then sucked into the contraption, where they quickly die from dehydration.

Xtra-PC – A Plug-In OS

A sluggish computer can be incredibly frustrating, whether you are using betting sites to bet on sports or trying to complete an assignment on time. Xtra-PC can fix that.

It looks like nothing more than an ordinary USB drive. However, as the saying goes, dynamite comes in small packages. The drive contains a super-fast Linux-based operating system that will by-pass your computer’s own OS. To use it, plug the drive into a port, and then restart your computer. That’s it.

Welt Smart Belt Pro – A CES Winner

ACES 2020 Innovation Award-winner, the Welt Smart Belt Pro is the latest word in wearable smart technology. The belt also is one of this year’s must-have gadgets.

The belt comes with a dedicated app. Together, they let you monitor your eating patterns, changes in the size of your waist, and how long you sit down. You also can use the belt as a step counter.

Ionic Spa – More Than a Showerhead

Designed by engineers, the Ionic Spa is more than just a showerhead. Apart from pressurized water jets that give you a bit of a massage, the showerhead boasts a design that reduces water consumption, prevents limescale build-up, and filters 99% of dangerous chemicals and other toxins out of your shower water.

Drone X – A Mini Drone

No bigger than an average smartphone, the Drone X mini drone is an excellent introduction to the gadgets that offer a bird’s eye view of the world and more. The mini drone, another piece of must-have tech for 2020, has fantastic potential for photography. It could take the art of the selfie to a new level.