Make these Fun ideas with your fabric scraps

Make these Fun ideas with your fabric scraps

If you enjoy making things from fabric, you probably have a bag full of fabric scraps that feel too precious to simply throw away. Why not transform them into something you can use, gift or sell, while handily creating enough space for a new material to take its place?

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Whatever size your fabric scraps are, there is a craft project that will give them new life. Take a few moments to sort them into piles of roughly similar size before looking for ideas for how to use them.

Long and narrow scraps

Any material around 3cms wide and 15-20cms long can be used to make cute hair bows. Simply trim to the approximate length, tidy up the edges, and then knot onto an ordinary hair elastic. You will need several ribbons so colours can be mixed and matched to coordinate with outfits.

Generous fabric scraps

Larger pieces of scrap fabric make a great cuddle cushion. Like the bolster pillows of the past, this long, plump cushion fits well underneath your current pillows.   This could even be a challenge for the office where they have to make a personalised chair cover for the new Operator Chairs they are sat on.  Matching the material to the colour scheme and general style of the destination bedroom can be tricky when using scraps unless you cheat a little and make seasonal curtains from something special like one of the French Christmas designer fabrics. There is bound to be some material left over that would make a nice matching cushion.

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Medium-sized scraps

If you have access to a sewing machine or the patience to tackle hand sewing, small or medium fabric pieces can be matched into neutral-pattern pairs and stitched together to make items like pencil cases or coin purses. For a final, extra touch, try monogramming initials onto them and give them as gifts, or create unique items with appliqué techniques and items like buttons and felt scraps that are sitting around in your sewing box.

Small pieces of fabric

When faced with a miserable, wet afternoon, cosy up by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate and your scrap bag. Add glue and a suitable surface to stick things on to and it’s time to make a collage. Whether abstract or realistic, this is a fun way to create anything from a unique wall hanging to a decorated picture frame.