Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Looking good is not easy just like winning online casino games from the best casinos online. But with a bit of effort, you certainly can get there. Unlike women, men are not too particular about how they look like women. Therefore they tend a lot of mistakes in terms of fashion. Here are common fashion mistakes that men make.

Showing Off Your Boxers

Some call it sagging and some believe it is fashionable but it definitely isn’t. Sagging your pants whilst your boxers are all out in the open is not appealing. Even if the boxer or pants are expensive it’s not something to do if you want people to take you seriously.

Wearing Too Much Jewelry

It is difficult to keep it easy on the jewelry for some men. Because to some, it is a symbol of riches you end up seeing a man with a lot of earrings, bracelets, rings, neck chains, and a lot more. Keep it simple don’t put on more than two items so that you avoid overdoing it and looking ridiculous.

Different Belt and Shoe Colour

This mostly applies to formal clothing. You find a man wearing black shoes and a brown belt. To some it’s normal but according to us, it is wrong. Men should wear belts and shoes that match in terms of color. That uniformity makes them look presentable at all times. Also, avoid wearing worn-out belts. Some men don’t pay attention to that as they will be saying it is not that visible but trust us people see all that.

Wearing Wrinkled Clothes

Wearing wrinkled or un-pressed clothes is sloppy and junky. Whether it is a shirt a shirt or trousers never wear un-pressed clothes. No matter how good your clothes are as long as they are wrinkled you will look scruffy and sloppy.

Baggy Clothes

Wearing baggy jeans and trousers will make you look funny. It is always good to put on clothes that fit you well as we’ve seen with male models who promote new games on the site. Baggy clothes will make you look short and untidy. You will appear like a person who doesn’t have a proper shape as your legs will look shorter. Whether it is a suit, a jacket, a sweater, a dress or a T-shirt make sure your clothes are well fitted to avoid looking funny.