Life Hacks To Revolutionise How You Travel

Life Hacks To Revolutionise How You Travel

As much as many people love travelling abroad, the experience often is fraught with 101 annoyances and irritations. Thankfully, a few simple life hacks can help you deal with them quickly and easily.

With the following helpful hints you should be able to find the best flight prices, ensure long-haul flights are more comfortable, and even prevent your toothbrush from touching germ-ridden bathroom counters. Without further ado, here is a selection of top travel hacks.

Search For Flights

You may need to spend a bit of time on it but searching for the best flight prices can save you hundreds of dollars. You can either use a flight price checker website, or you can visit various airlines’ websites and compare them yourself. Either way, remember to be flexible with your travel dates, even if going on a pilgrimage because prices can vary wildly from one day to another.

Before you start searching for flights, clear cookies from your browser, because some booking sites use your data to filter search results to show fares the algorithm ‘thinks’ you are prepared to pay.

Long-Haul Flight Survival Kit

Nothing is quite as draining as a long-haul flight, especially when you are travelling in economy class. If you are faced with a flight of eight hours or more, take a survival kit to maintain some semblance of comfort.

Pack a small tub of moisturiser, an eye mask, earplugs, and a neck pillow. Take a book or a couple of magazines, because you won’t be able to play NZ slots after take-off. However, do take a USB charger. If you have the option of booking your seat electronically, choose a seat at the front or on the aisle for a bit more space. Remember to wear comfortable clothing, and to stay hydrated during your flight.

Check Visa Requirements In Advance

Before travelling to a new destination, check for any possible visa requirements well in advance. Some countries make the process easy by allowing potential tourists to apply online and then to have their visas stamped on arrival. Others, however, may require you to visit an embassy or travel document processing service.

You may be required to submit various documents, such as proof of a return ticket, confirmation of accommodation arrangements, and even bank statements. You probably also will need to pay a fee. Check all this beforehand to avoid nasty surprises.

Freshen Up With Baby Powder

Whether it is because you spend days on planes and in airport lounges, or by trudging from landmark to landmark, there is a good chance your shoes are going get a bit funky. A top travel hack to get rid of the embarrassing, unpleasant odour is to take the baby powder with you. Sprinkle some into your shoes, shake them to distribute it, and voila! You have freshly deodorised shoes.

Take a Water Bottle To the Airport

Airport security often is so strict that they allow no liquids through the checkpoint leading to the boarding gates and duty-free area. Once on the other side, you ordinarily would need to purchase a bottle of water if you are thirsty. By taking an empty water bottle to the airport, you can take it through security, and once on the other side, you can fill it up at a bathroom tap or water dispenser.